📖The Handmaid’s Tale: 🍸mayday

📖: Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (1985)
🍸: mayday

Why this book?

With Halloween around the corner (and Election Day shortly after), what I’m really scared of is living in a country where people’s lives aren’t protected or represented, especially those who have been historically marginalized.

This week’s news included the Supreme Court confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. I’m worried about what will happen to our reproductive rights and access to healthcare (and immigration and racial equity and LGBTQ+ rights and the list goes on…). Atwood’s dystopian world of Gilead has always felt bleak and foreboding, but it feels especially terrifying now. Are we already living in our own dystopia?

What makes Gilead really scary is the amount of complicity and corruption of power it takes to create such a world. The novel makes me reflect on how we, as individuals, may be (knowingly or unknowingly) complicit in upholding structural injustices and exploitation, through both our actions or inactions. How can we best resist? While that depends for each of us personally, it’s important to remember that no act of resistance is too small. It all adds up. Just like our votes in this critical election. Will you join in early voting and encourage others to do so too?

Despite these somber musings, I think it’s still important for us to find rest, comfort, and joy however we can during these tough times. While this is not a “usual” review, I still hope you’ll enjoy the pairing since many of us won’t socialize in person this Halloween (which I normally would have loved to celebrate with friends). Stay safe, and take good care of yourself!

Why this drink?

For this pairing, I chose a drink that had the same deep crimson color as the handmaid’s robes, and the name Mayday comes from the handmaids’ underground network of resisters.

This drink is the Pomegranate Blood Orange Shandy recipe by Ashley Rose Conway. For the drink I made here, I slightly tweaked the proportions — you can see my substitutions and modifications in the tweaked recipe below.


6 oz blood orange shandy beer
2 oz ginger beer
3 oz pomegranate juice
1 oz blood orange or orange juice, freshly squeezed

for garnish:
rosemary sprig

  1. combine all ingredients except the shandy beer and stir well
  2. top off with the beer
  3. serve in a chilled glass
  4. garnish with a sprig of rosemary (smack the rosemary before serving to release its oils and aroma)

Quarantine substitutions:
*The original recipe calls for wheat beer, but I used a blood orange shandy instead. As long as the beer is wheat based, it should be good.
*The original recipe calls for blood orange juice, but I used freshly squeezed regular navel orange juice instead and it turned out great.
*I changed the proportions by adding more pomegranate juice and using less beer. The original recipe called for 8 oz of beer and only 1 oz of pom juice.

Another round, please! 🥂

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Let’s discuss!

Finished the book? What did you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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