mission & purpose

–some of my favorite titles–

mixaphoria is a virtual bookbar serving craft cocktail recipes that celebrate books by BIPOC, women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ writers. mixaphoria was created to help readers engage with more works by underrepresented writers, whose diverse perspectives are critical in helping us rethink our assumptions and challenge the status quo of our divided world.

Sharing a good book, over a good drink, can be a starting point for people to have conversations to better understand each other. By promoting diverse storytelling and dialogue, mixaphoria aims to create an inclusive community rooted in connection, curiosity, and compassion.


/miks’ a’ fôrēə/

Why “mixaphoria”? This name was chosen to reflect the joy I find in mixed metaphors (mixaphors).

I’m defining “mixaphoria” as the delightful state of uncovering underlying connections where none seem to exist, by mixing seemingly disparate things together — like books and drinks!

At my virtual bookbar, I encourage readers to connect with art, ideas, and people whose perspectives diverge from their own. I hope you’ll leave here with something new to be curious about.

Cheers 🥂,